Recently I've got the opportunity to review a new buffet in town! The catch is, this buffet isn't like many other hotel buffets where they serve all kind of western style. Pasar Baru in New World Petaling Jaya serves a whole new level of local taste buds in conjunction of the coming Ramadan!

Here's what New World gotta say about their Buffet!
'Inspired by the fun and flavor of Malaysia’s lively street food markets, here guests can meander and pick and choose from live cooking stations serving up fresh-made Indian and Malay curries, Chinese wok stir-fries and Tandoori dishes. That is, if they can pull themselves away from the buffet and appetizers delivered fresh from the kitchen. Local-recipe drinks are the perfect accompaniment but the crowning glory has got to be the heaving dessert table, which of course has traditional cendol – a concoction of rice-flour noodles, palm sugar, coconut milk, shaved ice and sweetened red kidney beans – always on offer.'

Here's a mandatory pic of me 😂

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Now here's for you to indulge with me! (in images)

Presenting you the best thing ever.
A Whole Roast Lamb Leg.

So good I swear.

For those who favors fresh seafood. This one's for you! There were also Baby Lobsters!  Since I was late, there were only 3-4 left and I didn't exactly take a nice picture of it so am not posting it up haha.

Here are some local cuisines to pick from!

They got them dishes all written up so you'll know what you're taking!

Here we got some super 'Dai Chow' style.

and then...
Was so excited to see this!
ASAM LAKSA omg my favorite. 

You need to self add your limau's and prawn sauce to the Laksa soup to suit your taste buds!


Did I mention they serve Chicken Rice too? hahahah

I ordered one because I just had to try. 
Definitely way more atas, can taste that the ingredients used are way more expensive. Not even joking lol

Dessert was a pretty handful!
Plenty of choices to pick from and I'm pretty much a happy kid because the dessert served was at top quality! (Not the lousy dry cakes and random stuffs)

Here you can make your own cendol or ice kacang!

While they are many many local foods ranging from all races, they did include some Western favorites like Crepes (mentioning cuz it was my favorite dessert). Got to mention that the red velvet was amazing too. Believe me or not, they don't serve their cakes in small boxy sad sizes but they freshly cut them up in triangles for you!

Don't forget, you'll be able to find more delights of this buffet in my Instastory Highlights!

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Buffet hours:
Lunch & Dinner 10:30p.m.

Paradigm, 1 Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
(Park in Paradigm mall itself)

For bookings, call:
+603 7682 0000

Price: RM168/per person