#Beauty: LOOK AT MY EYES, Etude House!!

It's been way too long since I did a Beauty Post, so I decided to do a short review here since I recently bought a few new products to refine my daily orangy makeup! 

You all should already know I am a big fan of Etude House because they have pastel and candy colors that fits my style! As much as I brag a lot about how lovely their products are, I am not sponsored to promote okay. I genuinely, just looove their range of colors!

*Ps, I do wish they will collaborate with me one day~*

Anyway, I recently went to their new flagship store at Sunway Pyramid. I know it's been open for months but I haven't got the chance to visit till last weekend! Super excited because the upgraded store really reminds me of Shanghai's layout of Etude House. Super Duper Fancy and adorable with class. 

I was just scrolling around and then I came across their Look At My Eyes, Eye Shadows. First of all, I was baffled by the infinity selection of colors, and the fact that they have the perfect shade of milky orange to fit my daily blusher and then, I got all baffled again because I wasn't expecting the price of RM24.90 per biji only!! H&M sells like RM40 per biji. guhhh~

ps. picture got like those Korean beauty advertisement pictures bo?

All along, I've been using my Kat Von D's Pastel Goth Palette in Clementine for my blusher, so my poor poor clementine eyeshadow meant for the eyes is reducing in product every single day because of the amount of blush I spam on my face. That palette so expensive ya know.

Pretty thankful for testers, I'm very pleasant with the pigment and how the product doesn't flake and fall everywhere despite a good reasonable price! 

So, I got these two shades in OR204 (Orange) for my cheeks, and RD301 (Red) because I have been wanting to try to do a Cherry Pop makeup! Also, if you didn't know yet, red, orange and pink is my daily makeup color palette!

I'm really happy with the Orange but as for the red, I'm not sure whyyyy it just doesn't look as red as I first swatch it. Maybe I should had got a deeper and darker red because as I put it on my lids, it kinda blends in and look like a darker shade of the orange. 

So yeah,  I'll get them the next round!!

For those who wanna know how I did my eyeshadow, here's my simple tutorial on applying one color eyeshadow!
 Easy as ABC!

All you need is a eyeshadow brush and a blending brush yah!


After that, I get a blusher brush and thoroughly apply the orange shadow on the apples of my cheeks! 
Don't forget to blend it well!

You should end up with a rosy, cute cheeks!

Ok that's all for my short review, hope you like it!!