#Fashion: How I style Rainbow Platforms


Not gonna lie, I've been wearing it out almost every. single. day. because it's flat, it's elevated and it's fregging cute!

Question you may ask: Where did i get this pair of wonderful creature?!!

Answer: Forever 21 in Shanghai. It cost about RMB279 (If I'm wrong, it's about that price)
This was the last pair I got over there and I never seen it in Malaysia's F21. Howeverrrrr, just to let you know la, it's actually a copy of Gucci's last collection. It's exactly the same except the fact that it has a Gucci Logo and the platform is wayyy higher. Oh, and the price will be a BOMB to your wallet, I mean bank account lolol.

Okay. I don't know how useful this post can be to anyone but I'm sharing because I would like to show you how I styled (3 styles) with this versatile piece! 

It's colorful, so it basically matches with almost everything!

Style 1: Pastel

Since dyeing my hair pink, I imagine myself wearing pastels all over!
So here I paired the rainbow platforms with a pastel purple T-shirt with a checkered purple shirt and a pleated pink skirt!

Can you see how much blush I put to compliment this look as well?! haha

Style 2: Street

If you noticed, my hair is actually yellow on the top! So obviously I needed to throw on a full blown yellow outfit! Loved how the shoes compliments this look!

The yellow checkered dress had an asymmetrical cut and I paired it with a White frame Red glasses! 

Did you know, checkers are coming back in trend?! 

Style 3: Basic with a pop

Here comes the yellow again, i know. But yellow seriously is the bomb to go with these rainbow platforms! 

I've went an extra mile, wearing a black wig to compliment the black and yellow outfit!
Yellow blazer, Yellow top, Black skirt and Black over the knee length socks. Perfect combination!

If you noticed my previous post on my Shanghai Disneyland Trip HERE ,you should be able to notice I wore them there too! It was seriously a good buy because it didn't hurt my feet at all, ever ready for a good photo!

Here was my outfit for Disneyland!

Make sure to read up on my Disneyland photos okayy!