#Food & Fashion: Unicorn everything at Foret Blanc!!

I've knew about Foret Blanc since a year back but only got the chance to drop by for a visit last week! If I could recall, I was suppose to join Sevenpie for a review and gathering but I couldn't make it because sadly I had to weight cut! 

No idea why this place slip my mind many times when I want dessert, butttt finally I am here!

Unicorn Ice Cream here I come!

I've got to say, they got the most cutest LED light ever, EVA!

Matching  with ice cream T_T so cute.

Unicorn ice cream was RM25, with raspberry and lychee (if i'm not mistaken) ice cream! They had lot's of meringue, with real lychee's and cheesecake for toppings as well!

FYI, the unicorn horn can be eaten as it's made of marshmallow! The wings are meringue!

This cup was seriously a sugar bomb. Everything was very very very sweet! But it's okay, i'm here to gain weight LOL

I also tried their version of 'Zhang Zhang Bao' aka Dirty Bun.

This one here has lots of chocolate on it. However If I had to pick, I still prefer the one I had back in Shanghai because the one is fluffier and not as dense as this!

RM7 - Zhang Zhang Bao

For those who might be curious on where I got this outfit from:

I'm wearing

Top and Pants from Kittie Yiyi Collection.
Shoes from Forever 21, Shanghai.

Totally immersed with how cute the Unicorn is!

FYI, I'm a Unicorn too ya know~

OK, done with this short post! Thank you for reading!!

Foret Blanc
 Petaling Utama Avenue (10 mins away from Sunway Pyramid)

They got a second branch at Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling!