It was a gloomy day last Sunday, but we decided to bring back some colors!

A Colorful Lookbook featuring Shahera!

I title this: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!
(If you don't know this movie, your childhood wasn't bomb lah)

Photographed by Xian Ming
Assisted by Cai En and Ke Lynn

First of all, my hair.
Thank you to Eddy (also my good good de friend) from Toni & Guy Nexis for fixing my hair!
Totally recommend these guys for all kinds of hair. For the past year, I've been running back to them because their techniques is up to quality. Not lying, not sponsored to say this. 

Slide them a DM for an appointment ohkay!

Went for a green themed outfit with a few hints of red and yellows!
Mixed Checkered and Stripes together just so it'll be as loud as I picture it to be!

 A pastel green Unicorn as my little ride~ 

Here with Shahera cuz we 90's rad kids.

My outfit Deets
Top and Overalls : @5Streetsyle
Platform Shoes: Forever 21

Shahera's outfit Deets
Thrifted and Monki! 
She's a Monki girl.

Cute ~

I swear I look like Chucky actually lol.

Bet you're questioning my age lololol~

I'll tell you now, I'm 5 years old.

So yeah, hope you like my little lookbook!

I'm ending it with a short vintage film we manage to caught that day!


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