3INA Newly Dropped an Eyeliner Collection to meet the needs of every type of girl ever!
FYI, it's so affordable to anyone and everyone! #Worthit

I am super super excited to receive this collection because ya know this gurl here likes to be artsy fartsy and this range just made it so fun to work with!

In this collection, we have NINE different types of BLACK Eyeliners.
They are all different in texture, types, uses and tips.

Here's a quick swatch for you to have an idea of their differences! and also, a good breakdown  and my own personal review for you to decide which will be the perfect eyeliner for you ;)

Swatches from top to bottom:
- The 2 In 1 Pen Eyeliner
(1st & 2nd swatch) it does two types of thickness!
- The Fluoro Eye Pencil
The black is not as deep
- The Matte Pen Eyeliner
Loving how its like any usual liquid liner but it dries fast!
- The Dot Eyeliner
My favourite because I can draw perfect dots with it!
- The Automatic Eye Pencil
Don't like to sharpen your pencil? This will be the better option for you!
- The Eye Pencil
I'm usually a liquid liner girl but I super love how pigmented this one is! Also, it's super waterproof!
- The Glitter Eye Pencil
Just like the pencil but It has subtle hints of silver blings 🌟
- The Pen Eyeliner
Classic and super skinny tip! Definitely my go to liner!

These liners are definitely sweat proof but not 100% waterproof which is great because you don't want to scrub your eye off just to take off these eyeliners 👀

Liquid liners are in felt tips and I'm loving all of them since its designed to give precision!

The only down side is that your surface needs to be dry and powdered on before using the liquid liners because without doing so, your straight lines will bleed!

As long you have you eyeshadow on, it shouldn't be a problem!

Here's my take on a 'love' mood~

Created this look with the Pen Eyeliner and the Dot Eyeliner.

Hope you like it!!

My favourite pencil liner gotta be The Eye Pencil because it's so creamy,pigmented and super easy to work with! FYI, this is the only item that's the hardest to come off even with cleansing oil!

Also girls (& guys).. their items super quality but also very berry affordable. I really want to try their Color eyeliners and Mascara! 😱😍😱 BRB shopping now.

Ok, can't decide which eyeliner to use now..
Check out 3ina's instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/3ina/

You may find 3ina stores at Sunway Pyramid, Pavillion, Ioi City Mall and Sky Avenue! 



  1. Your look is super adorbs! And damn it now i feel like i wanna get the eye pencil badly...on the other hand, wouldn't mind getting the whole collection too..hahahah

    1. hahaha thank you!! omgomg you should dry the dot eyeliner also. super fun to play with!


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