Are you trying real hard to find the most suitable place to bring a friend over for a drink over a good catch up session?  I promise you this place, you'll want to come back for more!

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1st floor is located at the heart of TTDI, where all the good stuffs at! It is literally upstairs on the 1st floor. Funny how when I was invited to come over, I kept asking what's the name of the bar when it was literally '1st Floor'. Ok got it now lol. 

Lighted up path way to '1st Floor'

1st floor is a cozy casual bar, also a good place to play pool. It's not that big of a place, but definitely a great place to chill as the crowds there are not rowdy or noisy. In fact, as a girl myself I wouldn't mind dropping by my own for a drink while working on some work!

The bartenders will probably be the funniest and the cutest human you'll ever meet for the day. Just strike a conversation and you'll see for yourself! (Is like they shy shy liddat ya know but whats even cuter is their accent! Reminds me of the series CSI ) The two main bartenders are from Philippines and they seriously, really love and are eager to share their specially mixed cocktails!

Here's a shot of the bar table

We got the opportunity to try 8 different cocktail mix by these 2 bartenders! I swear honestly cross my finger too that their mix is damn good.  Our of 8 mixes, 6 is totally my taste.
Find out more in a bit! Gonna share with you what I've tried!

1st cocktail is called Take me home tonight

According to Amigo (bartender) he says that this mix should be bought by the guy for the girl. It's a a sexy scent, roses and cherry blossom. So if your gurl likes floral, take her home.

My taste test: The floral scent is really soothing to the taste bud! In fact, the liquor is pretty mild which makes it easy to drink!
I vote 10/10 will drink this again.

Next up is Fully Loaded

This mix is like a coffee/ chocolate base with Bailey's as one of the main. The liquor here is really strong and in my opinion would not be liked by many girls. However if you're a guy, go ahead you may love this!

My taste test: Super strong liquor making it difficult to drink. The taste is literally 'fully loaded'. So much going on! My least favourite as I'm more of a floral and fruity kinda person.

I vote 3/10, not for me!

3rd one is a dessert drink called Creme Brulee
 (it's really called Creme Brulee on their menu)

They really fire up the layer just like a creme brulee.

and it turns out into a drink like this!

My taste test: Not even joking when i say it taste exactly the same like a Creme Brulee, except the fact that it has liquor. Sweet, very sweet.

I vote 8/10. I'm not a sweet kinda person so this is not really for me as well. However definitely suitable for girls as it's easy to chug like a dessert!

This one is called Sweet Poison.

A fruity base, pinaple and passion fruit with a squeeze of lemon!

My taste test: I damn love this because of the citrus-y fruity-ness! The liquor is not harsh and makes it easy to drink!

I vote 10/10 will get it again.

This is Bubblegum

But nope, it doesn't taste like bubble gum but it turns pink like bubblegum. My picture don't do justice because it's a film hahaha.

My taste test: This is another floral base mix with gin and I always love all gin cocktails! Super easy drink!

I vote 10/10 for the girls!

Next up, Classic Continental 

This one somehow is super light and refreshing. When i mention refreshing, it means it's a citrus-y base!

My taste test: Super duper easy to drink. Definitely good for those who are trying cocktails for the first time!

I vote 10/10 cuz easy and yummy like juice!

We were suppose to stop here but the bartenders were so nice to let us try 2 more drinks!
This one is the classic Bloody Mary.

This Bloody Mary comes with a side of Philippines Papaya Acar and a burnt cinamon stick (well just for the scent and set up)

My taste test: This drink literally lit my cells up. One sip and I'm wide away. Super KAPOW drink because of the Tobasco. Though the drink was well mixed and it's actually pretty spicy! The acar went so so well with the whole combination.

I vote 10/10 for anyone and everyone. You must try their Blooody Meerrehh.

This one is not on the menu yet but it's called Lust Paradise.

Amigo created this mix for a coming competition and damn, it taste really like something I would drink by the beach in an island.

My taste test: It's a fruity base and ya know how much I loveee fruity.

I vote 11/10 ok this one win! When it's out you must try it. Especially those who like fruity base!

Hopefully, my little review would make you get a hang of how good their cocktails are! Your expectation is probably damn high right now but I promise you it's actually nice!

They do serve many other stuff on the menu and it's not that pricey! If I remember clearly, the cocktails were like RM25 - RM45 plus plus minus minus~

Definitely check them out and grab a drink to try for yourself!

1st Floor instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/1st_floorttdi/


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