#Fashion & Travel : Cameron Highlands Lookbook featuring Bee

Just about a month back I was in Cameron Highlands! As usual, trying to perk this little trip up by making it look amazing, as though I actually traveled overseas in my Insta story, as well in pictures. Not saying that Cameron Highlands is not a nice place, IT IS AN AMAZING PRETTY PLACE, but it will be better if the ridiculous traffic jam can be excluded lol. 1 hour jam for a 4km distance?! omg.

People actually told me, 'Woah, I didn't know Cameron Highlands looks so pretty!?' Well Cameron, now you just got a few more visitors visiting because of me yo! *just kidding, anyone will still go Cameron even if I didn't go to spam pictures.. sad lol*

My outfits are all thanks to my designer friend, Phynix who kindly pinjam'ed me to wear from his recent collection from Phynstudio for Air Asia Runway!

And now, just enjoy this picturesque of shots I've taken ( not forgetting my bee that helped me take photos too with lots of guidance from me Lolololol )

Pictures all taken with my newly bought OPPO R9s!! The quality, It's AHMAZINGGG T___T

 Cactus view 1

Cactus view 2

Day 1 Lookbook:

Obviously, everyone's staring at me cuz I wear so many layers as though it's freaking Winter. But let me justify and make it clear that it just rained in the evening and the weather is fregginnn cold here up in the mountains lololol. Like, 18 degrees celcius or lower?!

Totally loving this jacket from Phynstudioooo huhu.

Like, it fregging matches my hair.

And we purposely went to visit the flower garden just so that I can get my daily dose of instagram pictures in line hehe.

Trying to achieve this but obviously I'm a fat potato, so it didn't worked. LOL

Anyway, details of the skirt from Phynstudio is so nice!!

Including this in my lookbook too because it's so cute!

And this Radish here, looks like MANDORA T_T omgerdddd. cute.

Bee's outfit.
 Posting here cuz he is actually a damn good poser lor. win liao lor. actually cuz my picture skills damn good lor. somemore I coordinate. I still win heh. :P

Day 2 Lookbook:

Feeling super traditional in this Cheongsam collar dress!

Oh ya, some people complimented on my makeup! I'm thinking of making a tutorial of it 'one day' since I recently got a new Camera from bee! Should I? hehe

Before I visited Cameron Highlands, I was super excited to visit the Lavender Farm because the place just look fregging pretty. Please, judge my photos because I'm not lyinggg O:

And I actually pictured this shot in my head already before coming HAHAHHA. Totally just like what I expected. Lavender ice cream in Lavender land. The colour is just too pretty T_T

Mandatory tourist photo with the lavenders!

My bee also got one. He damn good poser, I say liao 283789173871 times.

Ok, lookbook finish! Hopefully more travels and more outfits to come in the near future hehe!