Full of Attitude.

Me. Kittie. Lumi

Well oh well! Kittie Yiyi is now back with another quirky but even more ready-to-wear collection. 

Inspired by the 50's, where American rock and roll was adopted by feisty females called the Teddy Girls. These girls were so cool back then, nothing sweet and fancy, just 帅 literally.

Mostly loose fitted (as usual), straight cut and easy to wear, the prints used are always so symbolic and adorable! This time round, Kittie herself picked the chicken as a print element as she relates them as cheeky, happy and free running. 

Well, I totally love all z looks! But here's a photo wall of the lookbook from the launch! Since I as PR'ing there and then, everyone thought that the collection is in fact more wearable compared to the previous.

The launch pretty much is free and easy, you can simply pick up your favourite item and just put it on for pictures!

Here we have amazing paintings painted by Alexandrea Yeo aka @d3rdsex (lol).. and the new Fall Winter 2017 collections! 

Here with Kittie herself. (aka my lao ban, and I wish my lao gong)

Totally into this jacket and coat. Even Lumi superrr dupperr lovesss itttt.

With Kendra 女神. She's wearing the green jacket and I'm wearing the super super duupperrr comfy chicken soup sweater. 

More posy posy photos of me in that comfy thing!! 

This one the colour super bomb. Hoodie checkered jacket. 

Super love that the colour so pop! 

Not forgetting a photo with my Muaachii that came all the way from Penang. 

Desserts and Drinks sponsored by @tinybaker.my ! 

Tiny baker founder and owner on the right, Vicky Bobo! Ps, she's gonna be the one making my birthday cakes! hehe 
Andd, her assistant Vanessa on the left!

Just a random instastory pic with this bunch.

A selfie with these leng leng girls from Curated Mag! 

Pretty much a fun day socialising, fashion-ing and PR'ing!