#Beauty:1028 Visual Therapy is bringing desserts into our beauty routine!!

I am all about that sugar sweet candy thing ❤️

'Your gurl' here is so excited to get hands on and be creative with 1028 Visual Therapy beauty products! As much as I love pretty little things, I want to make sure that I bring out the best of visuals in these pretty line!

1028 Visual Therapy is an affordable Makeup range from Taiwan. Customised and developed to suit our Asian skin, now we do not have to worry and think twice if the product is suitable for us. Yay!

I've received 6 makeup products as above. The products are pretty sweet and adorable, makes me go 'awww' all the time I take them out to use! 

I will now take you down the road of my review with taken visuals inspired by my imagination! 

Introducing the Desserts! 

Buttercream x Unseen Mesh Compact Cushion 
This cushion is smooth and very velvety to the touch! I know velvety texture may feel oily but it finishes with a matte, shine free finish. This means that it is not drying and locks into your skin perfectly! The cushion foundation contains Vitamin B3 and SPF30 which is a plus point! However, there is no coverage for this cushion which a concealer will come in handy! I am happy with it because it finishes off like a Clear Korean Skin! 

Macaron Dust x Ultimate Oil-Control Powder
I'm in loooove with this powder! It's so light and doesn't cake up my makeup. In fact, the finishing is more velvety than ever, leaving my skin feeling so light, smooth and natural! One more best thing is that the foundation doesn't darken after long hours! #JACKPOT

Dark Chocolate cream x Ultimate Super Black Eyeliner
Dark Chocolate Bar x Longwear Eyebrow Definer
Eyeliner: Saturated and intense black pigment, the tip of the eyeliner is like a marker pen with a sharp tip allowing me to be precise with my cat eye! Also, the eyeliner was still on even when I went through a sweaty conditioning in the gym! 
Eyebrow Pencil: Just as it's name, the tip of the pencil really helps to define and create my desired eyebrow shape! They come in two shades, Light Brown and Dark Brown.

Swatches of the eyeliner and eyebrow pencil! Can you see how deep black that eyeliner is?! 😍

Black Icing x Hook Mascara
Omg guys, I mean girls! This Mascara is amazing! I am totally 'shippin' the bristles because it doesn't clump my lashesss!!! #WIN I personally already have long lashes, so the coating and extension of this mascara is clean and purrfect! It also contains Vitamin B5 which helps repairs daily lash damage while strengthening the eyelashes. It's like killing two birds with one stone! #WinWin situation right here ya all! The only small downside is that it is not waterproof but hey, we don't have to go through all the pain and losing our precious lashes.

Macaron Eyeshadow Kit
Highlight Product
The Macaron palette consist of 6 sugary nude shades. I personally do not like heavy makeup so the shades here are perfect for me!

 As you can see from my swatches, the shades are pretty nude! I really love how the shades are so bendable from the lightest to the darkest.

Dessert Usage and Routine! 

After priming my face, I pretty much spread the Buttercream on my face! 

And then, setting and dusting it with some Macaron Dust! 

After that, I define and fill in my brows with Dark Chocolate 🍫

Then, using the shimmer shimmery Macaron Palette, I layered on the lightest on my lids and proceed with a darker shades as I move towards the outer corner of my lids.

Lastly, I finish it off with the Black Icing Mascara! 

The finished eye makeup should look like this! Loving the gradient and simple shade! ps, excuse my stray strands of leftover lash extensions that is still dangling on my own lashes haha. 

Where can I buy these sweet desserts?! 
You can purchase these affordable 1028 Visual Therapy products at your local Watson stores! 

Retail Selling Price: 
Ultimate Oil-Control Powder: RM29.90
Unseen Mesh Compact: RM99.90
Longwear Eyebrow Definer: RM39.90
Ultimate Super Black Eyeliner: RM54.90
Hook Mascara: RM59.90
Macaron Eyeshadow Kit: RM69.90

For further information, you can visit 1028 Visual Therapy on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/1028MY/

Here's to end this post with my signature Unicorn Close Eye look with 1028 Visual Therapy! 

I hope you liked my creative content and you are welcome to comment or share! You support is very berry much appreciated! hehe

Special thanks to the Cupcakes and Macarons made and prepared by Michelle Young from BakesAndInks !

Also, my lovely lovely friends, Grace and Sukkie that helped me out with the photo taking!