If you see me up close in person, my face is at the worst state ever. Blackheads on my nose are so obvious, my complexion is just all dark and patchy, white heads black heads every yadah yadah. Can't even comprehend this situation, I haven't got time for any facials since 6 months?!

Fortunately, I got invited by Mary Cohr Malaysia to review on their latest treatment: Catio Vital Youth Treatment with device (worth RM319). Best highlight on this review is that it visibly & instantly (not even joking) rejuvenates the skin by stimulating cellular activity. PLUS, It's Personalized based on your beauty goal!! When I meant personalized, it's really personalised from every corner. Let me explain in a bit.

Guys, I mean girls, please jump with joy now because this treatment does not need the painful extraction and your pores will be taken care inside out and yes, it will be clear and clean. 

This also means, we don't need to suffer a burning red, scar'ed face and putting on makeup right after the facial is not a problem!! #Amen

Just to briefly remind you about biology, our skin's cellular activity diminishes over time especially moving towards the 30's. Without proper love and care you may look older in a shorter span of time. #truthissad This is why, Mary Cohr invented the CatioVital Youth Treatment to save your young and bouncy skin. 

CatioVital Youth Treatment involves:
Thermal Energy with Heating Mask
Higher temperatures increases cellular activity. The heat will eliminate excess sebum and toxins from the skin! 

Molecular Energy with Dynamic Ionisation
I know the words sounds complicated but this part of the treatment allow and improves penetration and optimal effectiveness of the active ingredients contain in the Serum Gels. This two (I call them) rods is super soothing as it move around the face! Almost took a nap too. 

Massage using Essential Oils
Adapted to the different skin conditions, Essential Oils releases beneficial properties and beauty-enhancing energy deep within the skin.

I mentioned earlier that this facial is fully personalised based on your skin concerns and needs. Mary Cohr have a wide range of products that will definitely suit your skin needs from Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Anti Ageing, Nourishing, Moisturising, Purifying, Double Youth and more!

This facial treatment focuses on every part of your face, from my experience, my eyes, nose and other areas of my face had different needs and I was given different serums to nourish different areas. I haven't seen any facials that does this! 

CatioVital Youth Treatment offers 7 Options base on your skin condition and beauty goal:

1. Anti-Ageing
2. Anti-Wrinkle
3. Gentle Moisturisation
4. Gentle Nourishment
5. Purity
6. Brightening
7. Sun Preparation/ Repair
 (What? You can even fix your sunburns or prep your skin before going under the sun! #WIN)

Unfortunately, the products above is only available for beauty saloons to carry out facials but they also have similar products (just in different packaging) for your own home care!

Here they are! I super love how gentle the ingredients are to the skin. There's no doubt it is fragrance free, light and easy to use! They gave me some products to bring home and I'm super loving it.

Final Verdict:
The treatment was amazingggg. It was only an hour but I am super happy and pleased overall, not just my complexion but also how supple and clean my skin feels. My dark spots were instantly lighter and my face was like a baby's butt?!?! haha

Definitely recommend this to you females out there who needs a good pamper facial right now! In fact, you can do this facial because any events so your makeup will go on smoothly and nicely. #Tips

 If you would love to do a CatioVital Youth Treatment with Mary Cohr, you can contact
Luxor Beauty World, 03-7681 2288 to inquire for your nearest beauty saloon that offers this Special Facial Treatment.

For further information, do check Mary Cohr's Facebook page HERE.