#Beauty: Roses for your beauty regime

Roses are red, Violets are blue. 
I'm in love with pink, you should too. 

Bio Chem (from Taiwan) is out with an upgraded face wash that will complete every girls dream of roses. You want roses for Valentines, you want it in your tea? Now you can have it on your face too, and the fragrance will linger! ps, THE PACKAGING IS PINK. I'm in looveee

Damascena Rose whitening wash 

This product with added vitamin B12 and uses Damascus rose water to bring a pleasant atmosphere with sweet aroma; it is as if you amble into a Bulgarian rose garden. 

It claims to: Relax and indulge in the aroma while washing it off your face / removing makeup. Precious Damascus rose extract is used to nourish the skin with effects of cleansing / makeup removal / moisturizing / whitening / nourishing all in one. 

I've been using mousse/foam facial wash for the longest time so using a product like this is not new to me. However if you do not know, you are in for some fun! 

Press pump to get an appropriate amount of mousse/foam to hands.

Then just wash your face as usual. Like how you normally do lol. duh

It's been a week since I've used it on my face. I love how the scent of roses is so dominant. However, my face is super squeaky clean, like literally the 'squeak squeak' sound is there after I wash it off. It's not a bad thing but I'm usually very afraid to use products that leaves my skin so squeaky for a long term because it may be too drying after a while. 

Removing makeup, does it really work?!

I have not tried it on my face with a full on makeup because my routine is to always remove it first then only cleanse.

So... I did a test! 
Here I have my eyeliner(not so waterproof)  and my concealer (by Makeupforever)

Pumping out a right amount of foam, I then wash it in a circular motion while massaging it. 

and.. here's the result!
The eyeliner is completely removed but there are still some residue left from the concealer. It's still amazing how it actually washed off so much of the products! Usually most product doesn't. 

Anyway, it's always always always better to remove makeup before cleansing face. The double cleansing is a need!

If you would like to know further about this pretty little product, click here to find out more! 

And, They are having a Buy 1 Free 1 promo right now for only RM92.07!! (you save 54%)

You can also check out their online store here or even their Facebook for more range of products! 
If you're obsess with roses, this is totally for you!