#WeekendRecap : Fuwa Fuwa Pancake Review + Kittie Yiyi 'B' Tee is out!

I know I know, it's been weeks since I last updated that's because I legit been so busy for the past weeks not just at work but at life too. Work have been pretty packed with new projects and my grandma have been really really sick. (Praying that she'll get better ): ) And so I'm here now for a quick update!

It's been a long while since I had a decent date with my bee. Hence, just yesterday we finally managed to pick some time out to spend time together! Though I totally forgotten I actually made a hair appointment, but it's okay now because I pushed it to end of this week lol gg

Finally... I got to try the oh so trending Fuwa Fuwa Pancake!!!

This popular Pancake can be found at Neighbor's Coffee Bar near Old Klang Road.

Pancake is RM18 onwards. Mine was RM24 (If I'm not mistaken) with a Charcoal Vanilla Soft Serve  at side. 

Waiting time was about 40 minutes just for this FUWA pancake. 

Apparently, minimum wait was 20 minutes depending on crowd. When we were there, it was pretty packed they mentioned to us beforehand that we will need to wait for about an hour. 

Hence we ordered their Breakfast Set to munch and kill time. 

FYI, it's really basic but I really like how the eggs are done. I'm also a sucker for granola with milk so, I'm happy.

Ok back to the Fuwa Fuwa Pancake. WAS IT WORTH IT?


How should I express this... It's similar to a Airy Sponge Cake texture. Very Berry Airy. 

Here's the Proof: 

I got a thang for fuwa fuwa things. 

Forgot to mention, fuwa fuwa means fluffy fluffy!!

Here's another video of my attempting to make you believe that it IS VERY FLUFFY.

Hows the TASTE?

It's actually really EGGY. Is that even a word? lol 

But yes, it's  kind of like an airy but yet really dense and concentrated egg taste. One plate should be shared with someone else because this get's pretty filling, most likely from the air expanding in your stomach. Some people might not be okay with the strong presence of eggs but I'm totally fine with it! 

I enjoyed this plate because the airy-ness in my mouth makes me happy! 

Love you Fuwa fuwa ~

Forgot to mention about the soft serve. Think of Mc Donald's Vanilla Sundae Cone but way richer and quality. It's good!

Was it worth the WAIT?
For the first try it's definitely worth it! I'll only come back for second round if I really really crave for it. It's definitely not something I'll want to eat often. 

Moving on~

Me and Bee got ourselves a new set of couple Tee! Cringy I know but recently Kittie Yiyi is out with an affordable range called the 'B' Series. Best of all, it's inspired by fast food and the theme is Bee! 

Hence, here we are in the statement tee 'Bee Humble' !! 

Really appreciate the statement because humble is always something I live by.

^ Closer image of the Tee! 

They have 3 other fast food designs. So get yours now before it's sold out!
RM119 each!! 

Shop here at their website: https://kittieyiyi.com/


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