#Travel: To a land full of love and magic! Shanghai Disneyland ❤️ It's not what rumors says at all.

It's been way too long since I had an amazing travel experience. 
My last travel was to Cambodia last December. It wasn't the most pleasant and I just couldn't get myself to blog about it. Soooo, fast forward today, I just got back from my current trip and it was too amazing with lots of interesting experience! 

It's not my first time but my 2nd visit to Shanghai. However, my last trip wasn't too much for leisure but for work. As for the 2nd trip, I finally got the chance to visit Shanghai properly! 

To start off my Shanghai postings, I will love to start off with my favorite place of all, Disneyland! 

Disneyland Shanghai, oh Disneyland in SHANGHAI
I've heard the rumors, I know you did too! 
Here is what you may have heard:
 Local's poop anywhere.
You'll probably find shit at every corner, especially the toilets, on the ceiling and on the wall.
Local's going wild
When I mean wild, extreme line cutting or extreme rude behavior.

Through my experience and visit,  it wasn't like that at all. Shanghai Disneyland was clean and clear, just as how a Disney land should be! Perhaps, things were in control because it wasn't crowded when I visited. Well, you better take note to visit during less peak seasons then! 

Also did yo,u know (FYI), China is a country with a huge population that they can afford to have cleaners at every corner of the street?! So rest in mind that all poop will be cleaned up in less than 10 seconds, literally! (If poop is your concern lol

Now, let's talk about the people in Disneyland, to be more precise, Disneyland visitors. 
They are 2 types of humans no matter which country they came from.
The ones who appreciate and obeys.
The ones who is just rude and have their own set of mind.
There are no in between. 

I hope my explanation above helps you to understand that it is normal to have inconsiderate and 'always in a rush' people in a place like this. Honestly, I have not encounter with any rude people other than being pushed a little here and there while walking into an entrance. My experience with these people wasn't bad and tolerable. 
Just in case a local comes pushing you, just push them back, really. This is a tip!

Now that I've clear that part of Shanghai Disneyland, let's move forward to this amazing adventure through the eye of  Sony A6500 Camera

Thank you to my travel companion/ beebee who took so much effort to take all these amazing pictures! 

Okay story time.
My and my bee decided to visit Disneyland for 2 days instead of 1 because after much research, apparently 1 day is not enough! True enough, if we actually just went for a day, it wouldn't have been worth it because we arrived Disneyland late on the first day, and due to some (personal) technical issues, we couldn't play much one the 1st day. 

Our tickets were bought at 250RMB/per person each day. That means, 500RMB/ per person for 2 days! Our friend from Shanghai got us this ticket with a promotional price. Usually it's a little more pricier than usual. Anyway, after conversion it's only RM157 per ticket!! omg worth it.

It took us about an hour plus to arrive to Disneyland at Pudong New Area from the city. It's pretty convenient since the Metro is an easy access to anywhere and everywhere in Shanghai!

I've combined my 2 days into 1 long post below! So expect some change of outfit our of the blue! 

Outside food and drinks are not allowed to be brought in however, no one will stop you bringing in your own water bottle.

 They have water stations at most rest rooms so you can refill your empty bottle! Or else, you could always buy a bottle of water in Disneyland and just keep refilling it throughout the day. A bottle of water in Disney is 10RMB. Not cheap but not too pricey as well.

Here's another tip if you are travelling to Disneyland with luggage's or big bags. Disneyland offers lockers to put your luggage (only bags as big as the S size luggage fits into one locker) for 80RMB. As for storage for your hand carry bags and camera's while going for a ride, they usually have a designated space for each person to put their belongings a side. You can collect them right after a ride. I promise you, it's very convenient and very safe.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I already knew that Shanghai Disneyland's food is not up to my 'cute' standard because I have done my research before visiting. The food and beverages here are pretty normal though they did put some effort on making cute pastries! I'm kind of complaining because I'm comparing this Disney to my long time ago trip to the Disney in Japan, their snacks there are way too adorable and since then,  my mind have set that Disneyland's snacks are always cute. Nevertheless, many of the food here are actually pretty yummy and definitely edible! They have a town beside Disneyland called Disney Town, where you can get proper meals with reasonable prices!

Disney town here you can get selections of restaurants! They also have a food court selling very decent food with a reasonable price.

Here are some of the snacks we've tried along our way inside Disneyland!

The prettiest and most Instagram-able Mickey donut! (Also the best tasting)

Along the way, I picked up a Churro because back then in Disneyland Japan, they had strawberry stuffed Mickey Churros. This Churro here was pretty disappointing. So, you I recommend not to get them unless you're in Japan!

Excuse my bee's face but, here's a corn dog! A hot dog stuffed in between some batter and chicken floss. Super popular here and it's a super yummy snack!


Here's another version with me.

They sell many kind of other snacks and beverages such as popcorn, turkey leg, ice cream ect.

Disney balloons are sold as well for 80RMB! Wanted to get them, but what for right, such a waste of money hahahahhahaha ha ha ha.

Too pretty T_T

Walking into Disneyland, you'll see the Disney Castle (obviously) !! It's located right at the Garden of Imagination and connected to Fantasy land right at the back of it!

Too magical T_T Too Beautiful T_T

Here's two walking potetoes walking into Disney Castle.
(Dress code error. Need a FairyGod Mother RN)

It was about 6 degree Celsius here with wind in Disneyland!

Super super love how magical the Mary Go Round is !!

You have no idea how hard I fought for this beautiful white horse.
I fought this with all my might over another girl LOLOLOL. I WIN.

A little snapshot of Disneyland's street while walking in.

It's written post office, but trust me it's just a souvenir store.

Took a picture with Donald Duck because he's fluffy butt is the cutest!
(The guy on the most right came to the wrong park. Pikachu?!)

This is part of the Treasure Cove, where we can experience the Captain Jack Sparrow's ship. Too surreal and beautiful I just had to capture this shot!

Potato Pirate coming through...

Just being silly, licking my fingers to turn pages that doesn't even exist..

Behold the Goblin's Bride vs the Goblin

Dropped by a street filled with food but the concept was amazing!

Had to OOTD duh.

and again!

Visited the Alice in the Wonderland park as well. The Red Queen's Garden was exactly how it was in the movie, just that there weren't any red roses!

Got to have tea with the Mad hatter!

Had to hug a huge cake cuz me loves cake.

We were super excited to visit Toy Story Land but unfortunately, it wasn't completely build yet!

It was such a bummer because the place looks so nicely built and colorful!

In fact their stores and rides looks really promising!

Oh well, thankfully some parts were built and I manage to get some ootd's done.
That's what important too. lol

Next up was a Tomorrowland. I would say it's much similar to Universal Studios and meant for adults than for kids.

Lookie here, my bee bringing me to Tron ride but he and roller coasters tak ngam. LOL


All I can show you now is how epic it looks inside, but imagine you're riding the cool ass bike in Tron Legacy. That's totally how it was.

And here's a ride we played which have a similar concept with shooting Arcade games.
Super fun!

 I need to frame up my high score here because my highscore is higher than bee! WOOHOO

On the first night of Disneyland, we stayed for the fireworks and it was so marvelous we cried. Okay not cried, but we teared. Not even joking. As a kid growing up with Disney, it's so so so beautiful!

Heads up, Shanghai banned Fireworks but they allowed Disneyland to put up a few fireworks here and there, so don't expect ahmazing bombing fireworks. Even so, it's still a perfect Disney ending for me.

Manage to capture is pretty nice shot! The night during the fireworks was pretty crowded tho! Can't imagine when it's even a super peak season, probably will get sardined.

Disneyland after sunset looks super magical as well.
Very breathe taking!

Fairy lights all over!

Before I officially end my Disneyland post. Let me share with you some super chinese things you may spot in this Disneyland.

You know it's China when there are ... Cute Typo's..

Kerits = Carrots

Honestly, typo's are all around China. Chinese characters are literally google translated!

You know it's China when costumes are, SUPER Chinese :

This is a Tarzan play we went. We just could stop laughing at the fact that everything about this play was just too 华语

THE MONKEY... IS HE FROM MONKEY KING?! (A movie with the most chinese monkey ever) HAHAHA

You know it's China when you see spinning plates.

You know it's China when Disney got Xiao Long Bao's on the dining table.

and panda's...

and Red Packets!!


Okay one more thing, if you see an Ang Mo (white person) dresses up as Elsa or Anna. Expect them to speak and sing Frozen Song's in Chinese.
It was kinda messed up hahahah but overall it was a great experience!

End of Disneyland post!

Thank you for reading all the way till here and I hope you love the pictures we captured!
Disneyland is way more than what I have wrote, I did not 100% shared every little details because in the end of the day it's tall on you to experience it!

My next post will be about Shanghai itself! So don't forget to follow my blog and check up for updates okay!