#Travel: Exploring Shanghai! // Shanghai 101.

Following up from my previous post about Shanghai Disneyland, I promised to share my experience from my little trip here in Shanghai City... So here it is!

Read up my previous post about Shanghai Disneyland here: To a land full of love and magic!

Shanghai Facts
What you'll see (and hear) every corner of Shanghai. 
-People spitting *HERRFFGHHKKEF PUI* <-- sound effect
-HONKS. Car Honking. Bikes Honking. 

What you may see (or not, depending on luck)
- People peeing by the bushes on the side of the road. When I mean people, kids and adults. Adults, I specifically mean male species. 

Pretty much sums up Shanghai as a country. *spits* lol

Putting that ALL aside. It's still a beautiful city. 

Look, I mean it. 
(Taken at Yuyuan Street

Getting around

Flight from Malaysia's Airport to Pudong Airport took about 5 hours. I swear to God any flight more than 3 hours, please don't fly with Air Asia. Their delay will make you suffer. (I sat Air Asia my previous trip). This round, I learnt my lesson, and booked my flight with MAS! 

Arriving Shanghai was coldddddd. Everyday was a good 3-10 degree Celsius even though Spring was so so close. 

Moving around the city was pretty easy and convenient as their subway system is EXTREMELY 
efficient and convenient. Here's a subway map for you! 

Funny how my bee's reaction to this was: 'wtf, world map.' 
It's actually not that difficult.. really.

Anyhow, travelling from the airport to the city center is possible with Subway is possible as well AS LONG AS you don't have a big ass luggage (3/4 my size) like me. Or else, you gotta take a taxi which might cost quiet a bomb about 230RMB (really depends if you picked a legit taxi or not). Another better alternative will be getting a Didi! (China's Uber). However Didi is likely only possible if you have friends staying around because the app will directly charge a China's credit account.  Not really a tourist friendly taxi app honestly. You can't pay by cash nor book without a card linked to your account. 

Local sim card. 
Getting a local sim card is really useful unless you brought over a portable wifi. If your portable wifi has a build in VPN, you're all good to go! If it doesn't have and you'll be using a China Sim, you gotta get a VPN or else you can't use google related apps and instagram(omg important)! Just to let you know, instagram and everything else that's not allowed in China still will load slowly with VPN. 

Getting a sim card in China is cheap. Airport will cut your throat with 200++rmb for 2GB. I got mine outside at a sim store for 199rmb, 40GB, 1 month. Other suitable plans was also about 200rmb. 

Try Unicom when you're there. They should have better offers.

Now, to our expedition! 

YuYuan Garden -> The Bund -> Nanjing Road

Journey to Yuyuan Garden was really an adventure. It's our second day upon arriving and we did not get a sim card (because we couldn't find a sim card store around somehow). Even so, it did not stop us from starting our visits so we just went on ahead, trusting a (ONE ONLY) screenshot of a map and direction sent by our friend. (What a brilliant idea, Charm).

Friends, please get a sim card when you arrive okay. Don't be like us. At least, get yourself connected to the Baidu map so you'll know the direction lol.

 We asked around ' Where is Yuyuan Garden' and everyone was like 'go straight then turn right'. So we were like, oh okay...we clueless-ly followed and ended up here. I was like, this is the garden?! Doesn't seem like a 'garden'. Anyhow, most places in Shanghai City is still worth sightseeing! So we went on ahead. 

Apparently, we were actually at the right place (almost!) This was Yuyuan Street. The Yuyuan Garden exist but it's somewhere deeper deeper inside, which we never came across. In fact, there's probably a entrance fee.

With that said, Yuyuan street was a pretty handful! So much things to see even if it was just the street.

This place was definitely a tourist spot. There were souvenir stores, local street food, toy store (?!) and many more. We spent about 2 hours ++ walking around the street.

Unexpected toy store! Kind of reminds me of Japan. So nostalgic.

 Later, I had myself connected to the McD Wifi so I could get in touch with my friend. According to them, The Bund (another tourist spot) is also a walking distance (well, walk-able but actually damn far)!

So, I was the smart girl thinking she knows the direction with a stagnant map. I was obviously clueless but as we were walking, it got super windy and cold til we came across a park! I've never heard of this park but bee said, since we're here, let's take a stroll! And guess what, we got no regrets!

Here, we ended up in Gucheng Park. Gu Cheng Park is basically a bamboo garden. I got to mention that they have plenty of fat stray cats in this garden. T_T

Walking into the park feels like I'm walking into a pathway from the storybooks.

Such a scenic view!

You know you're underfeeding your cats when you see stray cats fatter than your house cat. LOL

 They are so so fluffy and adorable! Maybe it's the cold weather that's making them puffy.
And there's me. gotta be the cat stalker.

Moving on, we crossed a huuuugee road and we finally reach The Bund!

It's not my first time here but since it was just around the corner and a tourist spot, I had to bring Bee to visit.

Here across the Bund, we can see a skyscrapers of  The New Pudong Area. Shanghai! 

Unfortunately, Shanghai's weather been cloudy and foggy during this season. Skyscrapers are mostly blurred by heavy clouds so it wasn't the most scenic. 

It would have been a perfect picture if the sun was out!

We also went across (opposite) to the Pudong City Center another day but it wasn't amazing because of the weather. Oh well!

Walking pass The Bund, we turned left and continued our walking journey. This one I swear I  really have no clue where we're going but somewhere somehow we ended up in NanJing Shopping District!

I was like 'wait, wait, I've been here.' looks across and saw a 6 storey Forever 21. ' YESS I KNOW THIS PLACE! We're at Nan Jing Lu!' and then we , I mean 'I'  proceed shopping at Forever 21 for about 2 hours lol.

Nan Jing Lu is an amazing shopping district. They have many international (affordable range) brands here. Pull & Bear, H&M, Uniqlo, Forever21, Etude House, Innisfree, Nike, Anta, ect ect ect. A pretty wide range of mid price range brands you may know! Of course, it's not just shopping they have lot's to eat too!

Here's where I took a very 'editorial' picture. Yeng leh.

Moving on..

From out friend's recommendation, we visited the Wild Animal Park! Initially, I really wanted to visit the Ocean Park but after doing some survey, it wasn't really worth visiting. In fact, the Wild Animal Park review was pretty good! So, we decided take the 1 hour train ride (with quiet a few interchanges) to get there! The Animal Park is located at the out skirts of Shanghai.

Upon arriving the Wild Animal Park station, we had to either take a taxi or Bus to the Animal Park itself. The bus comes every 1 hour, however we kind of missed the most recent bus so we decided to take a taxi. Honestly, taking a taxi in China (actually, everywhere in the world) is seriously a bet. You'll never know how legit the taxi driver is. Questions that always runs in my mind ' Is it gonna be expensive?!' ' Will it be a broken meter?!' ' Will we get kidnap somewhere?!' Ok. Totally overthinking but seriously, safety first.

Anyway, our taxi fare was just 25RMB (about 3km ride). To my surprise, it's way more legit and way more cheaper than taking a taxi in the City itself.

Here we are!
Wild Animal Park.
 With a huge huge entrance.
Ticket price was about 120 OR 130RMB per person.
(Sorry brain fart, I don't quiet remember)

I am very very very surprise how clean they kept this zoo. I swear, if you go to a zoo in Malaysia ( I haven't been la but it's according to my bee's experience)  it' stinks like poo and pee. Besides that, i'm sure it'll be a muddy and a pretty disgusting visit.

And Guess WHAT?!


I am astounded.

I can't believe I'm seeing flamingo's up close and in person! They look so dumb but with class and  beauty! I loooove it! T_T

Majestic Creatures.
and most importantly, PINK.

But, all they want is food.

Here's me trying to sayang it.

But Gurl... did u see what it did?!

It just dodge me.


Btw friends, it's another extra 20RMB/per person to feed the flamingo's.
But nope, it did not go as planned.

This park was filled with amazing wild animals. There were a good variety and best of all is that you can't find them existing in Malaysia!

Here are my picks!

Red Panda T_T aww u so cute like teddy.

An area for a good variety of birds!

These Toucan are my favorite! Idk why but they looks so fluffy and cute?!

Ant Eaters?!

This stunning looking thingy with fat bottoms. MEERKAT.

KING JULIAN. Like, many of them roaming around freely yo.

I even pat pat it T_T urghhghhh so cute.

Big Fluffy Kitties! They look so hug-gable!

Have to mention that they got all kind's of dogs too!

Here's me sneaking up to pat a Shiba Inu, who did not give me any warm responds. #feelingRejected

Of course, these weren't just all, they had like foxes, crocodiles, monkeys, like lots of them and ect!

Did I mention they got mountain goats?

In fact, I fed one mountain goat who was super adorkable BUT it was a selfish and rude b_tch. Instead of taking the food on my hand, it took the whole basket. Great.

Here's some random goat.

Their mouth is so tiny. It's so cute and dorky lol.

Damn, this animal park really makes my heart go IEAJRADFIADHFOAJEFO URGGHHH because all of them fluffy animals are so cute.

Qi Bao

On the same day, we took the train to another outskirt area called Qi Bao. We went there to meet our friend for dinner.

Qi Bao is pretty much another touristy area, outskirts of Shanghai. From the Qi Bao station, we came out to an amazing shopping mall. From there, we head out to Qi Bao (about 15 mins walk out), and we ended up in a place with local cusine restaurants and local street stalls. Think about the old Shanghai Town you see in movies, those kind of vibes.

It was dark since it was the night, so we couldn't catch much photos on camera.

Here's a stall with skewer meats. Ok not just duck or chicken meat, they have sausages (no idea made of what) and innerts as well ew.
 Very very popular all around Shanghai.

Here's how the canal's in Qi Bao looks like. It looks amazing at night but I'm sure it'll be more exciting to tour around during the day!

Here's a picture of me and bee during dinner! We had Shanghai-nese food !
Shanghai Food post will be up next!


Gladly this trip, I've got to go to drop by one or two insta-worthy cafes! Cafe's in Shanghai shouldn't be miss. Many cafe concepts here are as good as the ones in Korea. I never been to Korea, but from what I heard and see, their cafe design is spectacular/ on point.

The last time I came to Shanghai, I coincidentally found a tea/juices cafe/store called Momo Tea. It was all pink and adorable, I told myself I must come back the next trip! (To take pictures duh!)

Note: You can find the location of food stores in an app called Dian Ping. 
It's also useful if you don't know where to eat! They'll show what's nearby.

Apparently, Cafe's in Shanghai doesn't really last long. When I came back, it became WHY tea& Juices. Thankfully, the concept is just as cute and actually even better!

It's a Claw Machine themed cafe! AND IT'S ALL PINK T_T

Their LED light's is way too adorable! Some more got unicorn, win my heart liao!

Got my self a Unicorn Juice!! Dragon Fruit, Banana and topped with cheese. I don't remember the blue flavor.

It tasted good. Except the fact that the cheese on top was a little overwhelming lol.

Next, another cafe we stopped by!

Seesaw Cafe.

I've seen this Cafe on Instagram a lot and it looked so cool, I thought I had to visit!

In person, it's actually pretty small. It may seem like they own the whole building but no, upstairs are offices. Security don't allow people to take photos on the staircase. So, it was pretty restricted and what I've capture is literally the only nice angle to snap.

Cakes and Coffee served weren't too delicious as well for it's expensive price.

Not so worth the hype after all.

Last place,

Tian Zi Fang

This place is designed like a maze, lot's of twist and turns and hidden paths. It's kind of like Uptown Damansara, where all the nice things are located in an area. A lot of street food and beverages, boutiques, souvenir stores ect.

It's definitely a must go place when you're in Shanghai!

Here's a hidden pathway I found.

Here's how most paths in this maze looks like.

Here's a shot of street foods!

And here's something you must try! Corn Dog omg. The one with mozarella cheese is the best.

Ok finally done with this post. *Wipes Sweat*

I think I took like 1 whole week to finish up this LOL. Write a little bit today, tomorrow continue. Seriously potong steam also because everytime I restart, so hard to get back on track with the enthusiasm of  this post.

ANYHOWWW, I hope you all learned something and enjoyed my travel experience here in Shanghai! Hopefully this helps you with your itinerary too if you're planning to visit!

Don't forget to look out for my next blog post about the nom nom's I ate in Shanghai!