What's up Weekend! : To a more indulging New Year!

Q: What do I think about bazaars? 
A: It's like finding a gem in a pop up space.. it totally excites me! 

Last weekend I was invited to hover and chill in a pop up bazaar called 'Our New Year Indulgence' by we.womenmarket at Da Men, USJ. It was totally worth it  because I found good stuff I never knew existed! ( Think about how you are searching for songs and come across a great song by an indie band, you get what I mean?!)

Here are my totally awesome picks!
Ps. Many of these vendors are only available in pop up stores or online currently. They do not have a physical shop but I'm sure they are open to working with future pop up events!


Not your ordinary coconut juice.
They call it, crystallize coconut but I call it coconut jelly. It's pretty price for a little bottle, RM8.90  but definitely worth to get them because I know my self it's not easy to find coconut jellies!

I'm totally head over heels for anything coconut especially coconut jelly and ice cream! Woo hoo!

They even home make doggo & piggy cookies! Definitely a suitable snack for this coming CNY ! 
RM25.00 per jar. 


This thing here guys, is an amazing recipe. It melts in the mouth like ice cream.
Tasted like heaven as the cheese and mango melts in the mouth!

It's not cheap for a little box but definitely worth a try!

RM27/3 boxs

I bought 3 boxes cuz it was too dang good! 


This one here, is pretty unique! 

I never tried Indonesian sambal, but the ones they sell here tasted pretty fine like fine dining sambal (if there's such) ! The stuff and spices they mix in there makes it so yummy. I don't hate it and I don't superrr love it either. However, I totally appreciate recipes that makes my tongue go like a roller coaster! 

They have a variant of sambals! 


Damn gurl, where do you even find cute embroideries for curtains like this? It's so rare!! Super glad to have come across Swag & Tails! They sell such adorable and quality wall papers and curtains, not forgetting pillows as well! 

These are their wall papers imported from Europe.They are soft and pretty thick, definitely way better quality than the korean ones. 

Price wise, it is not cheap at all. 
For 100m - RM400 or above !! 

However, quality is definitely there! 

Amazing fabric selections! 

I super love their pillows! It's so soft and the designs are too pretty! 

So, here are my best picks from the bazaar event!! With all these amazing foods and decos, it makes me so excited for the coming Chinese New Year! Woo hoo!