#Fashion: Starting the new year right! #SupercrewxKittieyiyi

New Year New Game.

Hope i'm not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year 2018!!

Last year was an okay year for me and I'm aiming for a better and more fulfilling year this 2018.
Well, there's so many things I want to do (since the beginning of 2017) but when I think about why I couldn't achieve them last year was because I was and am still stuck in my comfort zone.My mindset was, if it was too risky, I won't move on. 

However, this year will be different (I believe). I'm gonna get out there, out of my comfort zone, take the risk smartly and just be adventurous. Well, success will come as long as I don't give up and just keep moving towards my goal isn't it?

Recently, I also attended a Launch by SupercrewxKittieyiyi. This launch, I would say was a pretty good start for the new year. Their quote was so ngam to begin 2018.
 It goes like this : ,Failure doesn't mean the game is over. It means try again with experience.'

So positive, makes me wanna be positive too lol. This collection was inspired by the game, Super Mario Bros. 
Like that also can become an inspiration!! Makes me think a lot lately that even I myself can be inspired by so many things as long as I am passionate.

Here are the designs from the lookbook! 
Model: KittieYiyi

Game Never Over Bee Tee in Black-

Game Never Over Bee Tee in White-

SuperKittie SE Tee in white-

SuperKittie SE Tee in Yellow-

SuperKittie Hoodie-

SuperKittie Track Pants (and front of hoodie!)-

Price ranges between RM100 - RM300
To purchase them, head over to www.kittieyiyi.com to shop! Ps, they running out of stock oh! Better be fast!

Here's a few ootd and selfie picture's I took from the launch it self! 
I'm wearing the hoodie in size S during the event! 

FYI, their cutting is pretty big as well, I got the track pants in XS and it fits so well.

Here a picture with designer Kittie yiyi. 

Here with Supercrew's designer, Josh! Bee at the right side. (I photobomb-ed their photo actually lol)

Thanks everyone for the great night!