#Fashion: 2017 BEST OOTD

I can't believe 2017 is ending so so soon! 

This year was seriously all about improving my personal style head to toe. 

I started styling accessories and shoes seriously and really try to give it all into my daily outfits. 

Here are my favorite outfits that I'm pretty happy with! 

Of course, fashion is a ever growing thing and I am always improving my style so that I'm always at tip top! 


 Totally in love with this outerwear by Salina Sulzaily! Casually matched it with a yellow tinted glasses. Seriously a perfect match for a hip vibe. 

Underneath this jacket, I paired it with a Vintage Golden Top and a striped yellow overalls, also designed by Salina Sulzaily.


 This look was pretty casual but I super love this combination head to toe because of the warm yellow colors. Literally, I went all out even with my yellow eyeshadow! 

Outfits all from @5streetstyle


Felt a little more rad and wanted some Kpop vibes in my outfit. I super love this combination because of my purple hair haha! 

So, to make my purple hair stand out, I purchased this oversize hoodie sweater from Monki! Totally worth it! 


The best thing about this look is definitely my gigantic hoop earrings! They totally spiced up my look for an event I attended.

Checkered coat and dress from Kittie Yiyi Collection. 

My top 4 favorite outfits of this year! Can't wait to dress up more next year!