#Beauty: TRIED AND TESTED: 3 Skin Care Products that will change your life in 2018!!

Ps. All these products are not sponsored and I genuinely want to share it with you girls because it worked for me.

Are you looking for a new skin care that would work? Perhaps something new to cure your troubled skin be it acne, pimples, dry skin, pigmentation or even acne scars ect? Also... did I mention affordable??

I've been using these 3 items for the past months and it's been working hella' well on my skin! Today, my skin pretty much cleared from acne and scars have pretty much lighten up, almost disappearing (especially along my jaw line) !!

Forget about 'Anti-Acne products' especially those ads tricking you that it works because these products WILL make your troubled skin WAY WORST. 

Anti-Acne or anti-pimple products are wayyy tooo drying for your skin. This will end up with loss of moisture on your face, making it dry and unhealthy. In fact, this is why pimples starts growing because this layer of moisture (which is the most vital layer of protection vanishes) and easily get infected. 

So right now, for a good change this coming 2018 why not try skin cares that are moisturizing? 

Here are 3 products I totally recommend for you girls :) 
(Note again, I've been using it for the past 3-4 months and my face have never felt so close to perfect for the longest time)

From left to right
Yadah Pure Green Toner, Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam, Innisfree Green Tea Sead Serum

These are basically my daily basic skin care products I've been using. I always end my skin care with a daily moisturizer but I am still searching for the best! Will update you in the new future when I found the perfect one! 


What made me fell in love with this toner is because it's so so kind to my skin. There's no minty or burning after effect which is totally what everyone should look for because these are the kind of products that is truly good. Applying it on my face feels so clean and pure like water. Yet it is very moisturizing, no after dryness.

How I use it: Instead of using a cotton pad, I apply a pump of it on the palm of my hands and just spread it over my face. This product lasted me about 4 months!! (If you can see in the picture above, the toner is 98% gone lol)

I was looking for the same product selling in Watson but somehow they were out of stock and I had to replace a new one soon so without hesitation I purchased a different series called the Pore Refining Toner. Hopefully it's moisturizing as well and works as good as the Pure Green one. Will review it in the near future!


I've used this for about 2 months and the formula have been very gentle and there are no loss of moisture on my face. You know how some 'moisturizing' face wash doesn't leave your skin squeaky clean but this product does leave your face squeaky clean, without a trace of leftover makeup and still no loss of moisture! 

How I use it: I squeeze a pea size on my palm, gently massage it over my jaw and then cheeks and all over my face. For an extra scrub, I usually use a cleansing sponge to remove any excess dirt! From many previous reviews I have read, this tube of product  can last up to 1 year or more.


Okay. This product is totally the bomb in this skin care. I am a person who is totally obsess with serums, I cannot live without them. If you don't know what serums are, they are like vitamins and nutrients that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin. I've tried many kinds of serums that concentrate on specific skin troubles of mine but many of them just doesn't work.

 Like I mentioned earlier, I have acne and scars that I've been longing to get rid of. I tried acne and scar whitening serums but they just never really work until I got my hands on this serum. Upon using this serum daily, my skin looks way much healthier and scars got lighter day by day. My exact thoughts were 'Wah, this product not even stated will lighten scars and acne but it worked so well!'  This is where and when I realized how keeping your skin moisturized is so important for a great skin with minimal skin troubles.

How I use it: After toner, (morning and night) with 1 big generous pump on my palm and just massage it evenly around my face, concentrating on my problematic areas.


I hope my review on this products will help you with your skin concerns!