#Hair: Turning Ash Blue with Hoyu Professional at AM&PM Hair Saloon

Hello Everyone! I'm back with another hair colour review post after almost a decade! I'm pretty sure many of you (my friends) are super duper interested to read my hair reviews because I change my hair colour so freaking often and probably wonder if my hair is as dry as dead grass. Just to let you know, nope, my hair is still alive and just fine and lovely. lol


For your information about my frequent hair colour change, I do not have a saloon or hairdresser that I always go to. In fact, all these years I have been hopping around various saloons. I should probably do a short summary review of the saloons I have been so you can pick the one you feel most suited for you if you're planning to get a hair makeover. (Maybe a post in the near future! Look forward okay?!)

Let's get to the point of the post now.

This time around, I'm invited to review on a new hair dye that recently drop in Malaysia, professionally done by a saloon in Klang.

Here's a little 
'Come With Me' Vlog & Review
on my little trip over AM&PM Hair Saloon for this makeover!

Totally awkward cause I never really speak in front of a camera other than posing,
  but i'm learning ok!
 PLEASE WATCH and appreciate my effort please hahahhaha.

Okay, if my blabberrishh is annoying or just impossible to understand, below is a clearer, written down information about what's going on.

Hoyu Professional Hair Dye

I recently got invited to review a hair colour/dye that recently arrived in Malaysia. This brand that recently launch here is called HOYU PROFESSIONAL and apparently have been a well established brand in Japan for more than 110 years. Since it's been around for more than 100 years, it should be doing some amazing innovations right?!

Hoyu, is a premier hair coloring company that aspires to bring healthy, radiant and vibrant fun colours to our lives! Best thing is that this product was somehow made longer lasting than any other hair dyes! Well, I just dyed it a few days back and I will definitely update you all on the colour after a few more washes. (Better check out my Instastory for an update okay!?

So far, the dye leaves a good soft and healthy radiant and shine on my hair. It took about 20 minutes (pretty fast processing time) to set into my hair. I'm also pleased that the pre-lightening was pleasant as well! According to the hairstylist, the pre-lightening was mixed with another product similar to Olaplex and Strongbond (I have once stated about the importance of this product during bleaching in my previous posts) that reduces the damage on the hair during bleach. I'm not too educated about this product much but from what I know is that it is a product from MoltoBene and all I can say from experience is that it's actually goddamn amazing.

Well, to be honest I did tell the hairdresser to not touch my scalp while bleaching my roots but usually even at this cause, it should sting my head too (from experience). But somewhat somehow, there weren't any burning and uncomfortable sensation!!! Totally AMAZING. I am so happy that my scalp is not burnt.. first time ever FYI.

AM & PM Hair Saloon

Speaking of the bleaching process earlier, I would say their technique for hair bleaching is actually damn good lor. First of all, I told them to not touch my scalp and they really listened! For the first time ever, my scalp was never in contact with bleach during pre-lightening but then, the end result was surprisingly neat,clean and good! There weren't even any black roots visible wtf! 

From my experience, I would say that this saloon is pretty good to go if you're up for a normal,wearable hair colour change. If you're looking for super vibrant 'hot pink' colours or if you're looking for a high fashion, one colour here and another colour there this that, then I don't think this will be a suitable place lol. All in all, I would say their technique in hair colouring is not 10/10 but maybe a 8/10! Definitely still worth to go to because trust me, I've been to worst!

I think this pretty much sum up my review for my hair change this round!

 Last emo selfie for ya'all xoxo