#Hair: I found a solution to get rid of my dandruff + Itchy scalp! C.Michael Revitalise Dandruff Control Shampoo, Regenerate Scalp Serum & Intense Repair Masque Review.

I am super duper extravelighiraojdfoad excited to share this post because I finally solve my long taaaaime hair issue, the nightmare called Hair Dandruff & Itchy Scalp.
Can't wait to share with you all that have the same issue!

Happy until can cry guys. *Need drama abit*

Totally went all out matching with the products lol.

 C.Michael asked me about my hair concern. 
'Other than dry damage hair, I have scalp issue called dandruff, which is annoying AF.'
^Literally what I said.^

So about 2 months ago, they have picked 3 products for me and I've been happily using it till today!!
(Look out for a discount code at end of the post ya!)

From left to right: 
C. Michael Intense Repair Masque: Acts as a hair mask/conditioner. Use after shampoo.
C.Michael Regenerate Scalp Serum: Sprayed on scalp for scalp care.
C.Michael Revitalise Dandruff Control Shampoo: Shampoo to get rid of itchy and dandruff hair!

If I never cared about silicone and all those cheap shitz that damages the hair, I could have fix my hair issue with just Head & Shoulders or even Sunsilk since it's everywhere and so fregging cheap but NOPE & NEVER because I don't want to end up with a broom hair. All those commercials that show you how these cheap shampoo's will make your hair silky smooth.. Those are just bullshit temporary okay. Internally, your hair cells die.

This is why I usually try to invest in my hair products. My hair memang went through lots of bleaching and coloring so giving it extra care and thought while choosing the right products, my hair will definitely thank me.

 C.Michael products contains no silicone and definitely contains ingredients that will boost the condition of the hair. (Exactly what I am looking for in a hair product)

C.Michael Revitalise Dandruff Control Shampoo

About this product:
Apple Stem cell combined with Piroctone Olamine that helps reduces flaking, itchiness and soothes inflamed scalp. An anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property to cure fungal activity on the scalp.

You have noooo ideaaa how excited I am to use this product when I first got it. I'm like 'Fudge yessss, I can finally solve my dandruff issueeee!' I'm so sick of waking up in the middle of the night scratching my head off.  The scratching was so severe and serious causing my scalp to be red and sensitive. It was really a FML time.

Just to clarify, I only wash my hair once every 2 days , reason is to maintain my hair color. Even so, (from my own research) it is not healthy to wash hair too often because maintaining natural hair oils are important.

My verdict after using it for 2 months
If you haven't knew, anti dandruff shampoo's are usually cooling to soothe inflamed scalp. Which also means, dyed hair does not go well with cooling shampoos because hair dye falls easily in contact with cooling products. However, I am surprise that this shampoo, even though it is anti-dandruff it is not overwhelming cooling (like the Head & Shoulders punya that lebih lebih on it's cooling-ness) which is great for my colored hair! This shampoo lather power will probably fall at 7 out of 10. It doesn't lather much but so far, I'm really cool with it because my hair is short. For girls with long hair, you might need to use slightly more product if you're planning to lather all the way to your hair ends.

Overall, I'm super happy with this shampoo because it cleanses my scalp clean and now I rarely get itchy scalp and dandruff flakes!

C. Michael Intense Repair Masque

About this product:
A dual action formula where it  combines the benefits of a conditioner and treatment and reduces hair loss. An intense repair hair masque that protects the hair follicles and scalp, a combination of minerals that keeps moisture locked in to the hair.It also helps clear of off excessive build-up dead cells.

This product pretty much helps to boost nutrients and soften my damage and dry hair. This is the first time I ever heard of a conditioner/masque that could be use on scalp as well. It's definitely amazing that it benefits the scalp however I'm not quite a fan of it being used on scalp because from my own experience, the squeaky clean effect from the shampoo just dissapears, and my scalp get's a little itchy after. You get what I mean?

My verdict after using it for 2 months:
I really love how it gives my hair a nutrient and silky smooth boost after! It even smells great! It actually smells like Sunsilk's conditioner, but the consistency is different, this is way much watery. I'm guessing it's because they do not have silicone in it. But of course, it works better than Sunsilk duh!

C.Michael Regenerate Scalp Serum

About this product:
A generating scalp serum that uses complex of natural extracts of fruit and apple stemcell. Formulated to help stimulate healthy hair growth while producing stronger hair.

I've heard of  the goodness of scalp serums but never really had the chance to use them. Apparently, scalp serums are good for those with sensitive scalp. So glad to be given this to test it out if it really works!

My verdict after using it for 2 months:
Honestly, It was pretty troubling to use this product all over my scalp since I had to section my hair here and there. So, I did it the 'cheating' way where I only spritz it on areas that were itchy or constantly having itch issues. I use them on slightly damp hair after shower, or whenever I get that itch and it totally works! Once sprayed, it really minty and soothes the itchy scalp. Best of all, it nourishes my sensitive scalp!

Final Verdict:

I'm actually really please with these products because from this experience, I really felt a big difference compared to when I was not using them.

My scalp used to hurt so much even when just bleaching half an inch away from my roots however recently I just went for a hair makeover and my scalp wasn't burning during the bleaching process!

I'm definitely scratching way much lesser now and rarely get dandruff unless I never wash my hair for 3 days straight.

With my real and honest review, I definitely recommend this to you girls who have itchy scalp/ dandruff problems! 

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