#WeekendRecap: Terracotta Cafe and Boutique with my girls

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What a lovely Sunday for a good o' brunch with my fellow blogger sisters ❤️️

Terracotta Cafe and Boutique is located in Tropicana Avenue,1st floor. Opens daily 10am to 12 midnight. This place is really new, the parking wasn't straight forward anddd there weren't any directory to where this cafe was located! But on the bright side, at least this cafe left me with positive vibes.😊

You'll see why in snippets of my little insta story below!

Pretty interior and best of all..
ALL THE Dream catchers every girl wishes for !

Yes gals, the interior is so good that it's mandatory to have a picture with this backdrop.

Of course it isn't just the interior that's amazing.. the food and beverages looks amazing too!

Yass, all 7 colours on your table.

Food was okay for me. I really liked the Nasi Lemak Biru best but the chicken was pathetically small lol.

They are especially famous for their colour changing tea and their Unicorn tears (dessert)

This is called, Butterfly Pea Tea. PEA NOT PEE. My first glance at the menu, i'm like BUTTERFLY PEE? LOL

Doesn't this feels a little nostalgic? Like going back to chemistry class back in high school? However, this tea doesn't taste any special. Coming from the 3 of us, we thought it just tasted just like water. They gave us lemon and honey so it should taste like honey lemon water after mixing it together with the blue tea.

And also another special beverage called ' ONE NIGHT STAND', calling out those lonely girls out there.. lol

Also mixed with the Butterfly Pea Tea, this one at least tasted better but no happening chemistry because it's just one night stand. *geddit geddit? HAHAHA*

And for the finale we got ourself the Unicorn Teardrop.

Excuse my imagination tho... doesn't it really look like boob implantations??

HAHAHA jokes aside..

It taste kind of like those rubbery jellies we usually eat in buffets or parties. I really liked it since I looove jellies. They actually came with Coconut milk on the side but it doesn't go well to my taste. According to them, they have 7 different colours of Unicorn Teardrops every season. I'm not sure how long does one season takes, but look out for it!

Final Verdict: The food is good and creative, ambience is lovely! Did I mention they have a boutique at the corner of the cafe too?
I totally recommend to those who wants to chill out with your best friends, take photos and eat pretty food or needs a little retail therapy!

Totally instaworthy to visit!