Experience with H ART CONCEPT vs NUMBER 76

*Not a sponsored post*
The last time I fix my hair was back in August last year with Number 76. If you have not read my experience with them, make sure to read it HERE because you don't want to miss out real reviews.

Don't get me wrong that I didn't like Number 76, everybody adore their works. Despite being overrated which also lead to popularity and high priced hair makeovers, I still like them for their professional services and hair treatments (though I have not tried the treatments, it does look promising).

6 months later I needed to fix my hair. Poor girl like me ain't rich. 

I definitely never regret going to Number76 as I learn so much about the products they used.


is something you should look for if you are planning to lighten your hair.

Just like what it says, it reduces damages.

H Art Concept is located opposite Taylor University SS15 Campus. (Upstairs)

I came across them over social media 3 weeks before had an appointment with them. Their works caught my attention since it was pretty bright colours. As you know me, I love outstanding colours.

I inquired and they had me to come over to get a free consultation on my hair.

This, is something different compared to 76.

H Art Concept actually took time to listen to my 'hair issues' and gave me suggestions. I told them what I want and like, and they will give me their honest opinions. If they can't do it, they will decline, if they can, they will happily go for it.

This is what Sky (creative director and my hair stylist) quoted ' We only want to achieve quality work for our customers.'
He also said something along this lines 'Our works are 99 percent to what you wished for.'

This is why, he explained that he will want to bleach my hair cleanly because he believe that the fading colour should be great too.

My major makeover took me about 6 hours to finish. (Bring your own water and something to snack on if you're planning to get your hair done here) They may not serve you tea or cookies, but I would say I felt more at home and comfortable to walk around. My hairdresser talks to me as though like we had met before and a lady customer there who was their friend was so friendly to me!
This is just my experience but it may be different for you.

My hair colour was 2 bleaches + 1 colour + hair cut + Fibreplex which cost RM400

Number 76 charged me almost double the price for only 1 bleach + 1 colour + Olaplex + Haircut

I wanted a pink which would fade into a pastel pink and a hint of purple at the bottom to make things more lively. My hair stylist wasn't keen on the purple initially but I'm glad I still followed my own instinct because IT LOOK SO GOOD T_T #unicornhairforever

They used the newest Schwarzkopf hair dye for the pink and Korean dye for the purple.

Note: Korean hair dyes will be hard to strip off after wash but it is also hard to strip off with bleach.

Final Verdict:
I'm am very amazed with the quality of their works for such a reasonable price. I would definitely come back for another makeover and would totally recommend them to you guys! No complains so far! lol