New Hair, New Start

  Have you ever heard of this rule, 'A girl cuts her hair after a breakup to have a new start in life'.

I pretty much like the whole concept of this so called 'rule', except... it's in a different perspective.

A brighter future.

Fresh new cut & colour by @76Calvin.
Dress from Kittie Yiyi Collection.

For the past 3 years I've been trying, experimenting, observing and learning on ways I can build my own brand; a future and personality which I can call it mine. And this is why, I've created this blog!

I major in fashion designing and I am totally into quirky, fun and randomness. Fashion is life but a pinch of insanity lights it up! Working in the industry had brought me to see so many possibilities. So, I've picked up great things and tossed old habits to a new start.

I am so ready to share the fun things I love, which I hope it could spark your little life and get all giggly and excited!

ps. check out my online portfolio here