KLFW2016 : Kittie Yiyi SS17

I'm back for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2016 this year! I'm definitely way more excited than last year since I got to go as Kittie's guest and seated in the front row. What more, I got to wear her collection to the show!

Life after my 5th semester, I would say it's pretty great despite some rough days. Because of internship, I got to meet new people, make connections and learn to be initiative. So this is why, KLFW2016 had been fun since there were so many familiar faces! In fact, I met new friends :)

 As usual, everyone needs a photo with the #KLFWRTW2016 signage!

Blazer: Kittie Yiyi Collection
Bag: Monki
Shoes: Cotton On

*Picture courtesy of  @Alina Pushkareva

Dress: Kittie Yiyi Collection

*Picture Courtesy of @David Liew

Lenses: Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily in Rose Pink

Of course, there's no need to spend on any make up artist since I'm the best at painting my own face lolol.

This Spring Summer 2017, Kittie Yiyi's collection talks about a romantic yet rebellious mermaid who came out from the sea. Exploring the world by the seashore, she found adventure and happiness. She wears strong sea essence of silhouette and prints. Mostly pastels but yet colourful colours are seen in this collection.

*Picture Courtesy of @azzahadi

Her collection this round had a fair amount of mens and womenswear. Mostly suits for mens but there's a pretty cute variety for womenswear!

I was pretty surprise with Kittie's SS17 collection as the silhouette had changed a little compared to the previous collections. It's still quirky and fun but It's much more feminine now compared to the previous ones. Even so, I still loved it!

My favourite piece from her collection. Pastel Pink embroidered seashells. I would totally wear it if I was tall :)

Congratulations again Kittie on the new collection! Your hard work definitely paid off. Thank you for the invitation and for everything else! :)

Ps.She's just soo pretty 💕

A heart for everyone xoxo!