#Fashion and sport: All New Fat Burning, Seamless Hot Pants by Soft Snug!

Hello hello, I'm finally back with another outfit post but this round it's different because I'm wearing and promoting a sports wear! I rarely accept sports wear products because I haven't been any confident about my body. However,this round I decided to because I've been working hard in gym day and night! So here's my rare chance of taking good shots in sports wear! 

Soft Snug Malaysia engaged me to try their newly launch product called the Seamless Hot Pants. 

This newly launched product has the newest tech which uses zero thread, which means no stitching and also means no more sudden ripped of pants in public (especially those who does a lot of workouts that requires splits and such ~ yoga and gymnastics)

According to Soft Snug, it should shape the body line and promotes a flawless illusion of skinny! The pants is made from an EPDM fabric which helps with sweat boosting. It states to increase fat burning process 4x !!!

As you can see, these pants really have no sewing on. They are actually pretty thick, kind of like scuba diving pants. The reason is too increase sweat process and to retain heat. Not even kidding, after I wore for this shoot, my whole bottom was extremely sweaty lol. However don't have to worry if it'll get uncomfortable because I didn't even realize I was sweating so much under my pants until I took them off! LOL 

 I received them in a size L when I'm a size M so they were pretty loose at certain areas especially around my knees. Though the knees area wasn't too fit but it was a perfect fit on my waist and hips! Can't deny that my body proportion is not so normal because (squatting paid off duh) I have bigger hips and thighs!

Though the fabric is pretty thick, it's easy and comfortable to move around in it. Besides, I don't have to worry the pants getting ripped because it's seamlesssssssss woohoooo

So, if you're up for some extra fat burning and sweat boosting, this one is for you! 
They are available today so get them now!

Sizes available from S to XL
Color: Black only
Price: RM499

You can purchase them at Soft Snug's website here: https://www.softsnug.com/
visit their outlet at 
Sky Park One City, D-1A-08, Level 1A,, Jalan Usj 25/1, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Ps, forgot to mention these pants can be worn duo sides! How cool is that! 

Ok now here's more photos of me in my 'extra' shoot ~

Hope you like the editorial concept lol.
I tried okay. Don't bash me if you think it's not good LOL.

ootd shot
Paired the pants with my pink sports bra from Forever 21 (which looks orange now after editing lol), Yellow PVC hoodie/trench and my Fila Disruptor 2 Sneakers!

Ok last

Thank you for reading!