I'm a team Floral Tea over Team Milk Tea. 

Who's with me?!! 

If you super love Koi Tea, this is definitely for you! I'm a sucker when it comes to floral tea. Flamingo Bloom originated from Hong Kong and they've branched out to Malaysia. They are handcrafted artisanal floral teas that are jam packed with antioxidants and ALL natural ingredients! With a catch, their concept is Flamingo theme, they seriously caught the attention of many millennial like ME lol. 

Their tea base are so rich and thick, it tastes as good as it smells. From Jasmine to Oolong Cha to Black Tea and Chrysanthemum as their tea base, they serve 'premium' style, blended or squeeze with real fruits!

One of my favorite got to be the one mix with Grapefruit and another mix with fresh strawberries.

Did I mention, They don't use refined sugar but cane sugar instead?! 

Ps, of course, they do serve Milk Tea as well!! I remember tasting it during the launch, it was rich and smooth but I still preferred the floral teas! 

Here's a line up of what's special! All of them taste super duper amazing! Even their pearls are extremely chewy and yes, they are not black but in golden pearly brown!

Beverages ranges as low as RM6.90 to RM14.90 (about there)
Premium teas ranges between RM12.90 onwards! You'll get a big cup tho!
If you wanna add an extra cuteness to your cuppa tea, you can purchase along a little flamingo floaty for RM4.90!

You may take a look at their menu HERE
Note that this is the Hong Kong menu!

I bet chu heard of the cheese on tea hype previously. Some people couldn't accept drinking tea with cheese. Gratefully, Flamingo Bloom's recipe was a little different! Instead of cheese, it's a whipped with a little hint of salt. I don't know how to explain the taste but it goes pretty well with the teas! Worth to try it out!

Located in Sunway Pyramid, the sight of Flamingo cannot be missed because it's literally filled with Flamingo and beach themed stuff! Their blue and pink theme is super contrast and seriously, everyone had to stop and see what's up! 

Location: (Opposite Etude House) Sunway Pyramid, G/F, Shop G1.121, No. 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Find out how fun it is with Flamingo Bloom in my Instastory here: 


Next up,
Here's a photo of me with Grapefruit!

anddd... a photo of me (being more socialize) during the launch that day!

Thanks for having me Flamingo Bloom MY!
 I really love your tea and it's worth recommending! 


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