#Food: This Juicy Mantao brings you back to childhood!

Lock & Load is here to fulfill your childhood cravings! 

Fluffy Mantao stuffed with 'feelings' will bring you an overwhelming nostalgic memory of your childhood. Miss your mom's or grandma's cooking?? Eat this because it will surely bring you flashback!

Hand picked with the freshest ingredients, Lock & Load's chef went for a modern take on this traditional cuisine.

They serve pork-free ( that's right, pork free!!!) loaded Mantao's with delicious fillings such as the crowd favourite smoked duck with plum sauce (taste like siew yok pork, not even joking!) and tender stewed soy chicken (my favourite!) and a unique recipe, Crab cakes with Thai Green Chilli, all served with a side of Lock & Load signature chicken fries.

Chicken Fries?! How clever is this!!!

Where can I get this Fluffy Yummy Mantao?

Unfortunately, they do not have a store but mainly focus as a pop up during events! However, good news is that you can call them up for an order and they will deliver it to you! (Only possible for 20 packs and above) 

If you missed out their mini pop up stall yesterday at Dr Inc, Bangsar, fret not because they will be at Urbanscapes opening this Friday 5/5/2017 ! If you'll be there, don't forget to grab one! 

For future pop ups and deets, make sure to follow them on Instagram : @lockandloadkl

Chief Mantao Officer on the left and Fillings Master aka Chef of Lock & Load on the right!

Here is me and the Cutest Mantao Logo ever 

aandd here is Lock & Load's real life mascot. hahaha (Look exactly the same I kenot)

For more information or enquiries:
Kenny Lock
Fillings Master
T: 016 375 5304 / 016 246 9886
E: loadedmantao@gmail.com
Fb: @lockandloadkl
IG: @lockandloadkl