#Beauty: Brighten Dark Spots with just one step!

Back when I was still studying in high school, acne was my number 1 concern and also the only problem that wrecked my whole confidence down the drain. Whenever there's a eruption, I'll instantly squeeze them out thinking it will just go away the day after. Obviously that's not the case, I'm left with dark scars which would take a long while to disappear or just never. 

Can't believe I finally said this but I've found a solution to my embarrassing scars. 

Taiwan made product, Swissvita believes in natural beauty. Of course, these days most products aims to nurture and cure our own skin instead of covering them in layers of makeup. The key ingredient used is AC-11®,  a safe, plant-based, water-soluble plant extract that can only be found in the Amazon Rainforest and clinically proven to repair your DNA,  reduce skin damage from the sun and daily life activities as well as double the production of Collagen 3. Also, helping you achieve younger looking skin, reducing the appearance of dark spots and fine lines.

 This magical product is called, Swissvita Micrite 3D All use Anti-Spot Serum. It had won the Oscar beauty award for whitening and spot reducing and also rated 5 star review on Amazon. 

Packaging is very Medical-ish but the great thing is that it's aluminum sealed to prevent the risk of contamination! 

Paraben-free, Alcohol Free and Fragrance free, the product is  not oily  and light weighted which is definitely suitable for all skin types! 

I'm usually cautious when I try new products on my face. Because it is my first time using this, I test it out on a problematic spot I had recently and these are the results. Ps, excuse how disgusting my pores look close up haha

In fact it did lighten up my dark spot! I wouldn't say it was an instant effect but it took about 10 days for it to be lighten to the bottom picture.

If you guys have any problematic spots, you could surely give this a try! 
You can purchase it here for only RM130 ! 

Check out Swissvita's Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/swissvitamalaysia/


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  2. Swissvita is a amazing product, I personally use it myself


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