Bausch+Lomb Cosmetic Lenses : Lacelle Colour and Diamond Series

I've been wanting to write this little review on the Bausch+Lomb cosmetic lenses for a while now and finally had time to. Previously, I've been using Freshkon lenses and I wanted to try a different brand.

About mid year last year, I was invited for the media launch of Lacelle Diamond Daily and that was the first time I've ever tried on any of their lenses. After my monthly Freshkon lenses expired, I decided to give B+L's monthly lenses a try because I was really happy with their new daily's!

Top: Lacelle Diamond Daily, Bottom: Lacelle Colour

The packaging is obviously the most lovely I ever seen for soft lenses. 10★ for that!

Let's start with the new series. Since I participated in the Media Launch, I pretty much learned about the background of this new lens. To make this sweet, short and simple, the Lacelle Diamond Daily's is inspired by girls best friends, yup you guessed it; Diamonds. B+L goal on creating this new lenses is to bring confidence into woman even without any make up on. Another goal is to achieve comfort for the whole day which is why, they only created daily's. (10pcs in a box) They have 3 colours which are Aqua Glacier, Champagne Brown and Pink Rose.The lenses are designed like diamonds, it sparkles literally :)

Here is the Lacelle Diamond Pink Rose:

You can see that the design of the lenses have a little black ring on the outer edge. Fear not, it will not make your eyes look like Mickey Mouse. The little black ring actually makes your eye brighter naturally!

The pink is actually pretty decent. If you don't tell anyone the colour you're wearing, they might even think it's brown! The fact that it gives that sparkle effect, it gives a cute feminine edge to your whole makeup!

Lacelle Diamond Daily in Champagne Brown:

Well, Brown is a pretty basic lens colour. You can never go wrong with brown lenses.

Since it is a natural based colour, it is definitely a go to daily lenses for normal occasions. A little spark on the eye makes a whole lot of difference eh :)

Unfortunately I did not pick the 3rd colour to try it on since I felt like the blue isn't as natural and it wouldn't fit me and my daily look.

Moving onnnn to the Lacelle Colours (Monthly) in Grey:

I did not go for any media launch or got any press kits for this series but just wanted to try it for own.

I wanted to try if it is as comfortable and pretty as the other lenses that I've been using. (Previously was using: Freshkon Alluring Eyes Series)

Honestly, I am not too keen on the design of this lens. I would prefer more subtle lines so that my eyes would look more natural. The design however does give a unique sparkle on it's own but in my own opinion, the Lacelle series is more gorgeous.

Comfort level isn't that great too compared to the Freshkon brand. The lenses are slightly thicker hence the water content lost quicker than longer.