#Beauty: I just tried the most $$ Facial that Rehydrates and removes my skin blemishes! - Beauté Library

Hello Friends!
 Today I'll be sharing with you all a facial I've recently tried with Beauté Library. From my title, I know you might be wondering how much it is.. I'll let you know at the end okayy? So, read up till the end to know more ;)

As you might already know, one of my forever skin concern is the bad acne scars along and under my jawlines. My skin is never close to perfect. I have bumpy skin and my blackheads on my nose is super difficult to remove. I put a lot of effort into my skin care these days but I rarely make appointments to facials.

Speaking of my skin care routine, I've been trying products that work best for my current skin condition, I will definitely update you on it once everything goes well!

So, recently I got invited to review a facial called the
 Beauté Floral Essential Collagen Facial Treatment.
Say you have bad blemishes (dark acne scars) like mine, probably dry or combination skin like mine, or just a dull and bad condition skin like mine (especially when there's no makeup)... this facial is totally for you.

Watch my experience  down Beaute Library's flagship beauty center at Desa Park City for this exact facial!

 Did I mention, the products used are full on natural that are specially formulated for
Asian skin?? It's packed with extract from plants and flowers, totally gentle on all skin types. Plus, all treatments that are customized according to your need. 

The Beauté Floral Essential Collagen Facial Treatment took about two and a half hour. Overall (I keep saying word this in my vlog lolol), I really liked how soothing and gentle the products are. No tingly feeling at all! Quality is totally there.

Here's are the rough steps of the facial: 

Massage --> anti-inflammatory chamomile double cleanse --> Freshen up with a pineapple scrub that gently exfoliates your skin --> Extraction/removes signs of blackheads and acne -->  followed by a cell-frozen technology which helps to penetrate deep into your skin and rebuild the skin structure --> Customized mask --> Finishing off with serum &  moisturizer

Each treatment ends with a customized floral mask that includes specialized ingredients and floral essence to balance out sebum production and revitalize dry and oily skin. Woohoo!

Okay, I know it sounds damn atas and all because it's true, my facial is worth RM880. Such a BOMB to your wallet isn't it. But yo friends, my face so nice after the facial!!

Good news is, first trial treatment is only at RM188!!  It's like way way cheaper and definitely worth it to give it a try! Take some time off, care for your skin alright?

For more information about Beauté Library and its full offerings, 
visit http://www.beautelibrary.com or call 03-9212 3117.

You can find Beauté Library throughout Klang Valley in Mid Valley City, Desa ParkCity, USJ Taipan, Puchong, Kota Damansara, Cheras Mahkota and MyTOWN.


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